Are you finding it more and more difficult (and expensive) to attract the right kind of customer?

Does it seem like the techniques and strategies that were so effective a couple of years ago no longer seem to work as effectively?

Welcome to 2020.

Webinars, lead magnets, testimonials - the truth is, your prospects have had so much of this stuff thrown at them for so long, they no longer know who to listen to.


So they zone out, and move on.

That's where we come in.

We're Josh and Mearle, and we're here to breathe life into your boring, stale marketing tactics.

We have a wealth of experience in creative video; we've worked in reality TV for some of the biggest shows in NZ, created multiple award-winning shows that are now shown in over 100 countries worldwide, and we've created epic campaigns for some of New Zealand's most iconic brands.

We help you speak to your customers in a way that truly resonates on a level that simply cannot be done through most current digital marketing techniques.

We do this by creating Branded Entertainment Documentaries that showcase your customers experiencing real transformation, and do so in a way that is fun and truly engaging.

Think of it like a case-study wrapped up in a mini-movie.

This content works because it builds authentic trust by showing the truth - something that has never been more important, and yet something most businesses aren't doing.

It's the future of content marketing.

Check out this example:


Why are our videos different?

  • They are REAL: These case studies are told from the perspective of the client, not a cheesy sales video that is created by the seller.

  • Our stories are entertaining: We use reality TV storytelling techniques that tell real stories while keeping the audiences engaged.

  • We will only work with clients who have products or services that make the world a better place 

What next?

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