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Updated: Jan 16, 2020

We’ve heard it dozens of times.

We used to say it ourselves back in the day.

“I need to buy that new camera lens.”

“I need to watch more YouTube tutorials.”

“I need a new tripod / GoPro / drone / whatever."

If I buy the fancy new, incredibly overpriced equipment, my videos will finally start popping.

People will start taking notice.

My channel will grow.

And I’ll finally feel proud and fulfilled.

What we’ve learnt is that the problem is, it’s probably not going to happen.

In fact, things will most likely end up worse.


Because for us - like most people - the equipment isn't the problem.

It almost never is.

And by the time you’ve finally saved up that hard-earned coin and purchased that shiny new toy, you’ve also wasted precious time.

Time that could have been spent making videos. Awesome videos.

But not only awesome videos - awesome videos with the equipment you already own.

The reality is, the real reason most people are waiting to buy new stuff, is because they’re procrastinating.

We know this because it’s exactly what we did for far longer than we’d like to admit.

And our videos improved about as fast as our bank balance did.

However over time, we finally began to grasp what was really missing from our videos. The thing we were literally trying to pay for with all the stuff we kept buying, that had left us cluttered, confused and frustrated.

The ’secret ingredient’ that we had sought after for such a long time.

It was storytelling.

The thing is, we’re all drawn to stories, it's ingrained inside of us from the time we are born. And if you look around and pay attention - everything revolves around stories.

Good storytelling is the only way to project your message in a creative and confident manner.

No matter what your video content is - whether it be vlogs, commercial videos, ads - you name it - if you implement effective storytelling components your videos will improve in ways you can’t imagine.

Learning the fundamentals of storytelling worked for us, and it will work for you.

We’re giving away our Engaging Video Storytelling Template for free.

This is a simple storytelling framework that you can wrap your existing stories and messages around, without having to reinvent the wheel.

Click here to download.


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