Imagine you’re on a picnic lunch date with the person of your dreams.

You’re sitting in a park with the sun overhead, watching the birds in the sparkling sun.

The love of your life told you that they adore sandwiches, so you came prepared. You brought ham, cheese, lettuce, mustard, and everything else you could think of.

When it’s time to prepare lunch you pull out the ingredients, but as you get towards the bottom of the bag you get a sinking feeling.


All you had to do was keep it simple - and now you’ve ruined everything.

To make a good sandwich all you need are the basic fundamental ingredients.

Video production is no different. You can’t expect to make a good video without having the basics figured out first.

Good inputs = good outputs.

There are videos all over the internet with so much potential, but they’re often missing one or two simple elements that would make them successful.

The sad part is that these scenarios are easily avoidable.

This is where we come in.

Our job is to teach people how to make the best videos that they can, using ALL of the core ingredients and assets that they already have available.

So let’s work together and make something tasty shall we?


Josh and Mearle

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