End of 2019 WRAP UP

Updated: Jan 16, 2020


Time to stop, breathe and reflect on what a year it's been.

We're not one of those businesses who pretends that everything is perfect all the time - 2019 has been a wild ride of big highs and a few lows to keep us on our toes.

Whatever happens, we are always focused on the long term and becoming the best content creators that we can.

Here's a few quick wins of 2019:

  • We were nominated for 3 awards for our shows

  • We got access to a new business mentor and made big plans with our current mentor

  • We did our first overseas business trip to Australia to the Melbourne Web Fest

  • We helped produce a pilot for Netflix

  • We launched our first online product 'The Creators Circle' and helped 10 people make better videos through our training

  • We did our second overseas business trip to a high end business mastermind in Bali

  • We hired our first intern

  • We made awesome content for variety of brands as well as our own content

  • We sold Misadventures (our second show) overseas.

We hope everyone has had an awesome 2019 and we look forward to making some magic in 2020.

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