How to MAKE AN IMPACT with Video in 2020

Yes - video is the most powerful medium you can use to make an impact.

But you already knew that.

Here are 5 tips that can make you standout using video in 2020.

1. Escape Competition Through Authenticity

If you want to make an impact with your videos then you need to be authentic.

The days of overproduced videos that obscure a shitty product are over.

Leave in stutters, small mistakes and elements that show you’re a real human who adds value through your product.

2. One Message, One Video

It’s easy to want to cram as much value into one video as possible, but if it’s too convoluted people will tune out.

Having a clear message in each video is a powerful way to tell a story, and will make your videos more engaging.

3. Leverage Your Calendar

What events are coming up in the year that you can use to your advantage?

Think about how you can use these events as triggers for video content.

Your calendar can provide huge ROI if leveraged in the right way.

4. Re-purpose Don't Regurgitate

Instead of using the same videos on multiple platforms, make fresh content that complements your existing videos.

This provides more touch points and a deeper connection with your customer.

5. Make Content That YOU Want to Watch

Stop making content you think people want to watch, and make content that you want to watch.

Make videos that you care about and you will attract like minded people.

If you would like book a free strategy session to help you map out a video strategy for 2020 then click here.


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