In the space of one year we released a TV show, a fully sponsored web series, a couple of viral videos and paid advertisements for a range of some of New Zealand’s coolest and most established brands.

On the outside it looked to some people that we had fluked it. That we had been handed the secret recipe. The ‘x-factor.’

However we hadn’t.

The cold, hard fact is that the only reason we had finally achieved ANY success was a result of literally years and years of painful trial and error.

Unpaid trial and error.

Luckily for us, we managed to find a way to make it through. But in all honesty, it was bloody hard.

The thing is, people see results, but rarely see the groundwork that has been put in.

The hours upon hours grinding away, unsure if it will amount to anything. Blindly moving forward in the hopes of stumbling across something worthwhile.

The feelings of insecurity

We’ve done that journey. And while it has ultimately proved worthwhile in the end, we wouldn’t recommend you slogging it out over 10 years the way we did.

Because once we had successfully been through the process once, we were able to repeat it much faster and much more effectively.

By analysing everything we had learned we were able to build a framework that has helped speed up and streamline the process.

Now we’re trying to help others like us speed up their progress by showing exactly how we did it.

Today we launch 'The Creators Circle' - an 8 week online program and community that helps video creators to improve their video content, create impact and become a recognised leader in their field.

We typically work with anyone who is creating videos as a profession, or is using video to share their marketing messages and isn’t currently creating the impact they desire.

Click here to book a free strategy session to see if you're a fit.

Exciting times ahead!

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